(2003) - for soprano and five instruments

Lyrics: Oscar Bianchi and excerpts from Lucrezio's De Rerum Natura

World premiere: 4 Oct 2003, Abbaye du Royaumont

With Primordia Rerum, Oscar Bianchi won the first prize at the 2005 Gaudeamus international composition competition.

(excerpts from Lucrezio's De Rerum Natura)

Denique caelesti sumus omnes, semine oriundi; omnibus ille idem pater est.

Cedit item retro, de terra quod fuit ante, in terras.

Nec sic interemit mors res ut materiai corpora conficiant, sed coetum dissipat ollis;...

Venere alma. Quo magis aeternum da dictis, diva leporem. Effice ut interea fera moenera militiai per maria ac terras omnis sopita quiescant;.

Lyrics, english translation
(excerpts from Lucrezio's De Rerum Natura)

Finally we all derive form celestial seed; the sky is everybody's unique father

Equally what once came from the earth returns to the earth.

Death does not destroy to erase matter's bodies, but to dissolve their union.

Venus Alma. Give me never-ending grace of words, and make war and his hard schools sleeping trough lands and sees.


  • February 14th, 2024

    Emily Elias, Soprano

  • February 14th, 2024

    Joanna Freszel, Soprano


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