(2005) - for 11 instruments and electronics

World Premiere: 08 mars 2005, Paris, IRCAM Centre-Pompidou

Ensemble l’Itinéraire – Marc Foster

Earlier version: Alba, frammenti di luce - premiered by ensemble Icarus, Giorgio Bernasconi conductor

Dedicated to the memory of Fausto Romitelli


  • March 8th, 2005


    Ensemble l’Itinéraire – Marc Foster


    • mezzogiorno

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    • March 8th, 2012

      Musique En Scène

      ...Oscar Bianchi's Mezzogiorno, on the other hand, sets out a much more dynamic and burlesque conception of writing. Characterized by a 'jazz' spirit, the piece reveals an unusual power of sonority, signing a great mastery of timbres. L'Ensemble l'Itineraire under the direction of Mark Foster gave a particularly strong impression of the sound world, leaving one with the feeling of a beautiful musical moment.