ONLINE ONLY! [ ''Aqba, nel soffio tuo dolce''

July 3rd, 2020

Mariinski Theatre, St Petersburg (RU) ]

Les Percussions de Strasbourg, russian première



cancelled due to coronavirus Health Hazard. Postponed to 03 July 2020 as online streaming.

Raphaël CENDO (*1975) Scratch Data (Russian Premiere, 2002) for solo percussion

Philippe HUREL (*1955) Ritual Trio (Russian Premiere, 2018)

Arturo CORRALES (*1973) IDEM (Russian Premiere, 2010) version for marimba and four percussionists

Mehdi HOSSEINI (*1979) Zar (Premiere, 2020)

Oscar BIANCHI (*1975) Aqba, Nel Soffio Tuo Dolce (Russian Premiere, 2005)

Vladimir RANNEV (*1970) Branle of angels (Premiere, 2020)